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At Dad’s Pies we like to be transparent which is why we have published an extensive question guide below. If there are questions we you have that we haven’t been answered please contact us.

Why is the new Dad’s Pies Vegan Sausage roll not vegan certified?2022-07-03T15:03:14+12:00

Currently we haven’t pursued Vegan certification for any Dad’s Pies products. This is something we are assessing.

What kind of flour do you use?2022-07-03T15:02:46+12:00

We use a standard baking flour.

What kind of beef meat do you make your pies with?2022-07-03T15:02:27+12:00

We use a mix beef that is best suited for pie filling.

Is your beef organic?2022-07-03T15:01:44+12:00

No, our meats are not organic.

Where can I buy Dad’s Pies products?2022-07-03T15:01:13+12:00

You can purchase Dad’s Pies from participating Countdowns, New Worlds and Pak n Saves.

When did Dad’s Pies start?2022-07-03T15:00:17+12:00

Dad’s Pies started in Red Beach in 1981.

Who owns Dad’s Pies Ltd pies?2022-07-03T15:00:02+12:00

Dad’s Pies is a subsidiary of George Weston Foods NZ Ltd.

How much is freight?2022-06-30T01:06:43+12:00

Please request our freight costs and we will send you the estimated charges.

What is the best pick up / delivery date?2022-06-30T01:06:54+12:00

The pick up / delivery date should be the same as your distribution date to your customers. When deciding on a distribution date, it is best to pick a relevant date people will remember. E.g. training night, game day, meetings, end of term etc.

How long should we fundraise for?2022-06-30T01:07:16+12:00

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4-5 weeks. If it is too short, you minimise your sales potential and if it is too long, people can forget the pick up date.

Can we have more than 5 flavour options?2022-06-30T01:07:41+12:00

Yes – we recommend 5 for logistical reasons from the participants end, you are entitled to more.

Got a question we haven’t thought of? Please contact us, so one of the team can help.

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