Fundraising never tasted so good

Fundraising never tasted so good


Dads Pies offers an easy and rewarding fundraising program, that will help you achieve your goals with delicious products.

We offer a great product, locally and proudly made pies and rolls. With a return of 29% per box sold, fundraising with Dad’s Pies is worth your while! All you have to do is collect orders from your community, collate them, and send them off to us! Within 7-14 days, these pies will be ready for you to collect and eat! The hardest part of fundraising with Dad’s Pies? Choosing flavours you want to sell!

Fundraising stats

Dad’s Pies cares a lot about giving back to the community.

Number of projects helped in the last year
Money donated so far in 2023
Largest donation made in 2022

This data is not live and is subject to change. Last updated 10/05/23.

What our fundraisers are saying

“Our school netball team were doing some fundraising and approached Dad’s Pies for a donation. They have a great system where you sell boxes of pies (any flavour) and get a decent amount back at the end in a cheque. We were so pleased with how well they sold, everyone knows that Dad’s Pies are yummy and were happy to buy. We made half of our target in less than 3 weeks. They were very approachable and easy to deal with when we had questions. Thanks a lot Dad’s Pies for supporting our Netball Team!”

Karlene, Silverdale School Netball Team

“We found Dad’s Pies to be a great option for fundraising for our football trip. The process is easy and the pies are great, and most importantly we made a profit of nearly $2,000! The feedback from the people that supported us by buying the pies was great too, so it is an all-round winner. We thought our fundraising experience was so good we are doing it again! We would highly recommend Dad’s Pies! Even if it means the boys have to do more training now they have eaten all the pies…!”

Katie, Tauranga City United Football Club - 14/15 Grade

“In a bid to fundraise for our club, we worked with Dad’s Pies to sell boxes of pies via our club players… each child was given a sheet to ‘sell’ pies to family and friends. Dad’s Pies was a welcoming fundraising venture for our club, being something different from the standard chocolates, lolly bags and BBQ’s!! It was an easy sell for our members, and we managed to make a sizeable profit from it!! Would definitely look at doing this again.”

Simon, Hibiscus Coast Water Polo Club

“We were very happy with the Dad’s Pies fundraiser – it is lucrative for minimal effort. The whole process is made very easy.”

Chantal, Carmel College Waterpolo

“The fundraiser was easy to organise and manage and the “profit” from the sales give a great boost to the fundraising coffers. Much easier and more profitable than standing at a sausage sizzle all day! The team at Dad’s Pies are very friendly and easy to deal with, most accommodating. To top it all off, the pies are easy to sell as they are delicious and reasonably priced.”

Kim, World Challenge Trip to Vietnam

“We had a National U15 Basketball Championship in Wellington coming up so I rang Dad’s Pies to see what they could do for our girls team not knowing what to expect. I was very impressed with how easy it was to get the fundraiser started. Naomi was awesome she sent through everything we needed. These pies were very easy to sell as they are delicious. We actually did two fundraisers as people wanted more pies. We all made great money from this fundraiser and it helped us win the National Championship. Thanks Dad’s Pies. We will be back again this year.”

Jo, Harbour Basketball

“I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts throughout our North Harbour Hockey Under 13 Fundraiser last year. As a parent I needed a quick and easy fundraiser that I could offer to the rest of the team and this was a winner. You made the fundraiser easy offering orders forms to give out to those taking part and the end result was a substantial fundraising amount to get our boys to Christchurch where the boys came 2nd in the national competition. An easy sell offering yummy pies and you know what i found out… everyone loves Dad’s Pies”

Rachael, North Harbour Hockey

Fundraising process

Fundraising contact form

What date do you think you will start your fundraising campaign?
What date do you think you will finish your fundraising campaign?
Is your delivery address a business address? *

Please do not hesitate to call if you require answers immediately. Otherwise, we will get in touch within 24 hours. Good luck and look forward to helping you reach your target.

Fundraising FAQ

Can we have more than 5 flavour options?2022-06-30T01:07:41+12:00

Yes – we recommend 5 for logistical reasons from the participants end, you are entitled to more.

How long should we fundraise for?2022-06-30T01:07:16+12:00

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4-5 weeks. If it is too short, you minimise your sales potential and if it is too long, people can forget the pick up date.

What is the best pick up / delivery date?2022-06-30T01:06:54+12:00

The pick up / delivery date should be the same as your distribution date to your customers. When deciding on a distribution date, it is best to pick a relevant date people will remember. E.g. training night, game day, meetings, end of term etc.

How much is freight?2022-06-30T01:06:43+12:00

Please request our freight costs and we will send you the estimated charges.

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